Natural horns of Distinction

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You may contact us to order a horn or ask a question. We generally require a deposit of 50% to commence work on a horn order. This deposit will be your commitment to the instrument, and allow the purchase of the supplies needed for your horn, The remaining costs and shipping are due when the instrument is finished.

We do not offer a trial or testing period for our horns, due to past abuse of that policy. It is our hope that persons purchasing horns are already experienced enough to presage what they are getting, in the same way that 19th century players did. We do, however, offer exchange priveledges in the purchase of another horn, antique or replica. This gives one the opportunity to adjust to the playing circumstances one may find in flux.

We like to ship our horns double boxed, suspended in plastic peanuts, but picking up the horn in person is an option as well. In cases where some custom fitting is needed, being present is a great asdvantage.

Private lessons or coaching is available, according to schedule.

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